BrandSense™ Toolkit: Make Sense of Your Brand

Think a logo is a brand? It’s hammer time.

Yes, most people think a brand and a logo are the same thing. But few people think a toolbox and a hammer are the same thing.

Ask the person closest to you right now to find a hammer. She won’t come back with a toolbox. Instead, she will look inside the toolbox, then bring the hammer back to you. (She may also ask why you asked her to fetch a hammer. Be careful how you answer this; remember, she’s holding a hammer.)

We all understand that toolboxes contain hammers…but we never confuse the two.

When we think about logos and brands, however, we tend to make them interchangeable. They’re not. Your logo is a single tool, just as a hammer is a single tool. Your brand is a complete toolbox: it contains your logo, your color scheme, your tone, your voice, your patterns and textures and flavors.

See where we’re going here? Your brand is based on every sensory signal you send. That means, to define or refine your brand, you have to consider sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

So let’s pull out the hammer, and every other tool in your brand toolkit, to start making sense of your brand.

Make sense of your brand with our BrandSense Toolkit: Sight | Sound | Touch | Taste | Smell | Intuition

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