Media Buying Strategy 4: Do Extra Work to Make Promotions Work.

Everyone who loves creating and managing promotions, raise your hands.

Hmmm. Looks like we might be the only ones in the room. Truth is, planning and managing promotions takes a lot of work. You have to vet and invite potential partners. You have to capture and manage signups. You have to juggle multiple timelines.

You’ve likely seen many promotion proposals or contests from media reps. (They’re often called NTR or Non-Traditional Revenue, which simply means stations are finding ways to make money other than their primary airtime inventory.) But let us ask you this: how many times has your media buying firm proposed and designed a promotion? We’re betting none, because we certainly don’t see it.

Promotions can dramatically increase the effect of your media buys.

Promotions have huge benefits. They attract leads. They generate traffic and excitement. They create partnerships and relationships with brands that complement yours. That’s why we regularly plan and manage promotions on behalf of you as a client, based on your business goals and objectives.

We’ve created contests that have generated thousands of entries in a matter of days. We’ve created giveaways that have sparked media coverage and interest. We’ve created ideas that have resulted in millions of dollars of exposure for clients…with no additional cost or added workload for those clients.

It’s literally free exposure, free goodwill, and free word of mouth—because we create and manage them on your behalf.

Part 4 of our “Media Makeover” series, featuring five powerful strategies to improve your media buying effectiveness. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 5.

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