Media Buying Strategy 1: Data is Impartial. So Treat it Impartially.

The data says what the data says.

Unless, of course, the person presenting the data has a hidden agenda (or a not-so-hidden agenda). Let’s be honest: many people paint themselves in the best possible light. Media people are no different. They’ll pick the charts, data, trends and ratings that make them look best. And if you ask for head-to-head comparisons, they’ll do all they can to make competitive data look worse.

Misleading Media Chart

It’s all about perspective: these two charts show the exact same data…but they tell much different stories.

To combat this, we examine the cold, hard numbers. And we’re able to do this because we subscribe to the exact same ratings data as media outlets…without the pretty pictures. We are media agnostic. We plan and place media that has the most impact for you, because we work for your success first. (After all, our own success hinges on getting you the most for your money.)

That impartiality means we can create the most efficient buys—even compared to other media buying services. Most media buying services will passively respond to media proposals. Or, they’ll budget, plan and create based on past rates or past history. But we believe media planning isn’t about taking the easy path and focusing on the past. It’s about doing more work and focusing on your future.

That’s why we proactively direct the entire process, with clearly defined expectations and parameters. Then we compare all the data from every station and use that data to negotiate. And, we negotiate everything. We even take the extra step of telling media outlets why were included in buys…or why they weren’t. This creates an environment that makes media reps compete and work harder for your dollars…thereby increasing efficiencies.

Part 1 of our “Media Makeover” series, featuring five powerful strategies to improve your media buying effectiveness. See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

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